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We’re a reliable industrial painting contractor/company serving Edmonton and its nearby cities like St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Spruce Grove etc.

Our ultimate commitment to safety training of our painters and exotic coatings applicators presses us to work quickly without compromising the health and wellness of our employees and clients. Concrete crack repair and expansion joint refurbishing are essential to maintaining your facility. Our painting experts have years of experience in addressing these issues and offering multiple options to fix the problems.

We also can keep your facility clean and safe with our maintenance programs for ceilings, walls, and floors. We use specialty coatings designed for hospitals, food manufacturers, and many other industries.

We offer evening and weekend work at an affordable cost to you so as not to disturb your normal production schedule. Our super fast and quality service enables us to work around the clock to get your big projects done in a short period without interrupting workflow.

Alberta Painting Ltd Edmonton can be your “one-stop shop” for nationwide industrial painting services. We provide timely centralized billing and a team of support staff to ensure your project runs smoothly from the initial call to project completion & walk thru. Also, if your company or corporation uses specific colors, our network of vendors can easily match those colors to make sure your facilities are consistent across the country.

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Helping You To Get Better Walls

  Manufacturing facilities, processing plants, and other heavy-duty properties fall under the scope of industrial painting, preparation, and coating, and as such, the painting contractors must supply aggressive surface preparation procedures and specific coatings for high performance. Due to the importance of providing the protection and effectiveness of industrial paints and coatings, owners and operators must work with professional and licensed painting contractors like Alberta Painting and Renovation Ltd.  

Corrosion is mitigated through industrial painting.

  One may argue that protecting desired surfaces from rust and corrosion is the most typical application for industrial coatings. Mechanical components might start to fail in just a few months without sufficient protection due to the rigorous nature of industrial processes. Industrial coatings are also necessary for machinery that might be exposed to water in specific situations. Anything that must spend a lot of time outdoors and exposed to the elements is especially susceptible to this. We pay close attention to your demands, working with you from the outset to advise you on the best strategy to complete the task, and staying in touch with you during all project phases.  

Equipment for Industrial Painting Fireproofing

  A thermochromic fireproofing layer is now present in an increasing number of industrial painting products. By aiding in the containment of the spread of the fire, this feature safeguards buildings and equipment against the risk of fire. Thin film paints that can survive extremely high temperatures for a long time include FireFree, Carboline, and Albi. In a variety of practical applications, these coatings are aesthetically pleasing. Our unique thermochromic paint coatings are frequently utilized in hotels, hospitals, schools, manufacturing sites, and warehouses. As a result, the fire burns more slowly and a less heat-conducting substance is left behind. Both types of fireproofing paint provide safe working conditions for people and things.  

Energy Consumption is Reduced by Industrial Painting

  Industrial coatings contribute to increased energy efficiency and shouldn’t be disregarded. To reduce their detrimental effects on the overall carbon footprint, large-scale facilities require the efficient operation of their internal systems and machinery. Because of this, energy-saving industrial paints that reflect heat away from walls rather than absorbing it can significantly cut down on energy use and raise building efficiency ratings. These coatings help keep buildings cooler throughout the day and lessen reliance on HVAC systems by using light colors and specifically engineered chemical compounds to reflect heat and sunshine. This is not only frequently very efficient but also reasonably priced in comparison to other approaches.   Across a variety of industrial sectors, including large corporations with manufacturing and distribution facilities, water and sewerage treatment facilities, warehouses, tanks, and chemical storage facilities, our expert team has decades of experience in complying with safety and industry regulations. For your upcoming industrial painting project, give us a call right now.