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We have highly experienced exterior painters. In fact, we are best in our field. We serve in and out of the city and surroundings and painted hundreds of new and old homes. This is because every client wants beautiful and durable finishing result and that we accomplish. which is 99.99% guaranteed. There is little point paying for your house to be painted if it is going to peel within 12 months due to lack of preparation or the use of cheap paint and materials.

We paint and have painted both large and small, new old all sorts of homes throughout Edmonton, sometimes just the front facade or windows depending what needs to be painted. Every house we paint is different – some are very straightforward and some are more complex due to height, condition and power lines and facilities. However, we completed it successfully and our customers are satisfied and even refer us to others.

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As professional Edmonton exterior home painters, we can vouch that nothing affects a property more quickly than paint. Whether it’s a vivid blue, earthy red, or moderate taupe, a fresh coat of exterior painting can completely transform a home’s appearance and bring it into the modern era. But proper exterior paint is important for your house and shouldn’t be skipped as a home repair project, aside from the amazing aesthetic alteration.

Ensures protection

Your property is protected by exterior paint because it adds an additional barrier between it and the elements, pests, and other things that could damage the structure or get inside the walls. Exterior paint adds an extra layer of protection to keep out undesirable organisms and circumstances rather than ice and snow making their way through the crevices in the paint and into the framework of your property to cause issues like fungus, rotting, and dampness.
Hence, to get the best outcome hire Alberta Painting. We pay close attention to your demands, working closely with you from the outset to advise you on the best strategy to execute the task, and continue to interact with you during all project phases, always keeping you updated on task progress to ensure your contentment.

Boost the value of your home

Your home’s value is greatly impacted by its curb appeal, especially when it is on the market. Based on how the outside of the house looks, prospective sellers make quick decisions about how much they are willing to ask for the property. Nothing enhances a home’s curb appeal or gives it character like exterior paint. A simple fresh coat of paint can completely change even the oldest, most run-down property. The most cost-effective option to update your curb appeal if you have a tight budget is probably with exterior painting.

To minimize peeling and staining

Over time, old exterior paint may start to flake or develop water stains. It’s time to repaint the exterior of your property if you see any peeling or stains. The walls will be cleaned, any holes or cracks will be filled, and the peeling paint will be removed before our skilled painter repaints your house. A more recent, high-quality exterior paint is probably less likely to flake and is excellent at repelling different stains.
Over the years, we have served thousands of satisfied customers with high-quality paint services. We only give our customers the greatest products on the market, such as General Paint, Dulux, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore. Utilizing strategies and procedures we’ve developed through expertise, we always make sure to complete projects on schedule and under budget. Hence, to obtain the best exterior painting you must hire our professional crew.