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What Is The Point Of Popcorn Ceilings?

Popcorn ceilings are probably something you’ve seen if you’ve been inside a house constructed in the 20th century. Popcorn ceilings are probably uncommon in more contemporary constructions because there are so many other options. These ceilings have been given a rough, popcorn-like texture using a substance like styrofoam or plaster, making them simple to identify. It is preferable to leave the fixing of popcorn ceilings in Edmonton to our expert team so that you can save yourself a hassle and provide a fresh, stunning interior for your property.

An unpoppable trend

This stippled method was once thought to be less expensive than correctly painting your ceiling. Homeowners didn’t have to worry about pre-fixing any flaws because the “popcorn” effect was produced by spraying on a substance that resembled cottage cheese. However, in the late 1970s in the United States and the 1990s in Canada, this trend swiftly lost its appeal. Following this discovery, the same stippled pattern was replicated in popcorn ceilings using materials like Styrofoam. Even if it is no longer as popular and many homeowners want to remove these popcorn ceilings. Alberta Painting is a certified Edmonton-based company providing the right tricks to make the process as efficient as possible without sacrificing any attention to detail.

Keeping up appearances

Many homeowners still prefer popcorn ceilings, thus they go for fixing those ceilings for a better look. Our experienced team of fixing those ceilings will leave it perfectly smooth with no defects or marks. Popcorn ceilings can either be viewed as old or as being a good fit for the interior of your home, depending on the style you’re going for. It’s simply a matter of personal taste in visuals. However, they do have the advantage of hiding flaws, cracks, and scuff marks much better than conventional, smooth ceilings do. No one would be able to tell that those older, bad repair jobs were ever there because of the gritty and shadowy three-dimensional texture after the fixing job conducted by our expert team.

Reasons to go with us

Popcorn ceilings have the terrible downside of requiring a lot of labor to maintain cleanliness and repair any holes or cracks that may develop over time. The bumps make it simple for cobwebs, spiders, dust, and other small particles to collect, and smoke can eventually cause a stain on your ceiling that can be challenging to remove by yourself. Don’t risk anything by attempting to accomplish this on your own or by hiring a crew that isn’t qualified to perform the job. We promise that if you make it a point to work with us, the outcomes will satisfy you. Contact us right away if you have an interior painting project on hold due to some pesky ceilings.