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You can trust us to take care of all of your interior painting needs. Whether you require us for a day or for longer, we can handle all your needs, both residential and commercial. We have had the privilege of working with homeowners in the Edmonton Area. From bungalows to semi-detached homes to lakefront condos, we’ve done it all – and lot’s of them! It is always nice to return to familiar streets and buildings and be able to anticipate and cater to the needs of each individual home and homeowner. We are capable of serving whatever your needs are. There is nothing that brings us more joy than to be able to provide the exact services that are right for you and your family, to your satisfaction!

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Paint It Right & Deck Your Walls Up

Coming from a lineage of home painting and playing with colors Alberta Painting is your one-stop shop. Siding painting made of vinyl has long been a popular option for exteriors of all kinds of houses. People also like how little maintenance it requires in terms of upkeep. But even though it is highly resilient, it is not unbreakable. Unfortunately, after years of exposure to the elements, your siding will fade. At this stage, you have to decide whether to paint the siding or replace it. Thus, to solve your problem our professional team is there with you to revive the look of your house.


Over time, this component of your house may deteriorate or sustain damage. Your siding needs to be updated and replaced. To give it a fresh look, painting is another choice. Alberta Painting’s specialist team delivers an extensively professional process and approach.

Improve sidewalk appeal

Just like adding paint to any outside surface, giving your siding, a brand-new coat can significantly enhance your home’s appearance from the outside. Alberta Painting can make it happen by painting your vinyl or aluminum siding, whether you’re preparing to put your house on the market or just want to give it that extra burst of color in time for spring.

Avoid replacement siding

Many homeowners’ initial thought is to completely replace the siding when it starts to crack or seem aged in order to improve the appearance of their home. This approach, nevertheless, can be quite expensive and time-consuming. Instead, think about hiring Alberta Painting for siding painting. In addition to looking fantastic, it will also save you money by making your siding last for years longer. We take great pride in our work and this reflects in our accomplishments. We ensure a guaranteed satisfactory result to our clients and also a greater return on the investment made for painting.

Add a layer of protection

Painting your home’s exterior is a terrific method to give an extra layer of defense against any dirt, mildew or other airborne contaminants that could eventually fade your siding and harm it. The fresh layer of paint will successfully act as a barrier against these external elements that can deteriorate your siding and make it appear worn out. Your siding will be as weather-resistant as possible with the help of the greatest primer and the best paint, according to Alberta Painting.


Alberta Painting is beside our clientele with a detailed understanding of your vision, color, patterns, and texture preferences, as well as a review of gathered sources of inspiration. Our team’s dedication and enthusiasm for siding painting result in wonderfully livable houses that are timeless and represent each client’s individuality and unique taste.