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You can trust us to take care of all of your interior painting needs. Whether you require us for a day or for longer, we can handle all your needs, both residential and commercial. We have had the privilege of working with homeowners in the Edmonton Area. From bungalows to semi-detached homes to lakefront condos, we’ve done it all – and lot’s of them! It is always nice to return to familiar streets and buildings and be able to anticipate and cater to the needs of each individual home and homeowner. We are capable of serving whatever your needs are. There is nothing that brings us more joy than to be able to provide the exact services that are right for you and your family, to your satisfaction!

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A top-notch paint job on the doors, windows, and trim adds the finishing touch to any lovely interior house painting project. It takes a lot of time and effort to paint these areas correctly, and we have had the privilege of working with homeowners in the Edmonton Area. Alberta Painting and Renovation Ltd is one of the top-performing companies that provides professional painting services for

windows and door painting.

You must first be aware of the various paints that we use to paint wooden doors and window frames before beginning your project. Different wood coatings serve different purposes.

Types of wood paint

  1. Wood Filler
The purpose of wood filler is to hide paint-covered wood imperfections including knots, bug holes, and fissures in the wood. We usually use this kind of paint when our clients wish to paint a door or window to hide texture faults in the wood and huge wood pores.
  1. Wood Stain
Wood plitur is the name for this kind of paint. Wood stain is used to cover the wood’s surface and create a transparent look that reveals the wood’s inherent beauty. In terms of color, the darker the finished product will be the thicker the paint is applied to the wood.
  1. Pigmented Color
We use pigmented color with a variety of color options for completely covering the surface of the wood so that the wood grain is hidden. For those of you who prefer windows and doors painting with different colors, this kind of paint is appropriate.
  1. Clear Coat
The purpose of a clear coat or varnish is to strengthen the wood grain and reveal the beauty of the grooves while also giving the appearance of a translucent hue. Contrary to the type of wood stain, we apply this type of paint only during the last stages of painting.
Before starting the job Alberta Painting furnishes the entire working schedule along with the date of commencement and finishing. We deliver a structured report at the end of the day to our clients. Our professional team renders reputed painting options with a satisfying result from the beginning to the finish of your project.  

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Alberta Painting and Renovation Ltd is an Edmonton-based business and we are proud to provide you with the best and most reliable services. We’ve been delivering dependable, economical, and expert services for windows and door painting to our customers for more than 23 years. If you want to paint your house with excellent workmanship and with the best materials then don’t hesitate to give us a call.