House Painting Edmonton

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House Painting Edmonton

Is your house is not representing an attractive texture? We've got you covered. Our expert team of house painting in Edmonton is fully capable of delivering excellent service, whether it's exterior or interior painting.

We know a fresh coat of paint desperately changes your mood because you feel inner satisfaction. We apply an innovative technique that delivers a long-lasting impression. Our expert painters understand that your home desires a quality paint coat; that’s why we successfully handle this efficient and meticulous painting job.

Beautifying your home's appearance without any hassle:

We offer eco-friendly house painting in Edmonton that upgrades your small or large home within a couple of days. We promise to provide affordable service, outstanding results, and quality artistry. Our seamless painting solution helps you to navigate the right results. If you ever desire to hire a sophisticated house painting service, then hire Alberta Painting and Renovation Ltd. service today.





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Coming from a lineage of home painting and playing with colors Alberta Painting is your one-stop-shop. It’s a household name in Edmonton. Whenever people think of house painting in Edmonton and reviving the look of their house they immediately think of Alberta Paintings. Our company is one of the leading home painting companies offering premium services in interior and exterior painting. We recognize that employing painters and bringing them into your house to paint is a trusting relationship. Our painters give their best for our beautiful clientele, ensuring that the painting project is completed appropriately.

We ensure quality output

The benefit of hiring our house painters is to achieve a quality result. Our painting specialist team delivers an extensively professional process and approach. Their level of expertise is much beyond that of an amateur painter. Our house painters in Edmonton believe in customer satisfaction. We take great pride in our work and this reflects in our accomplishments. We ensure a guaranteed satisfactory result to our clients and also a greater return on the investment made for painting.

Our painting process

Our team of specialists goes through a thorough inspection before starting the job. During the site inspection, we’ll let you know if the walls need to be treated or if there are any underlying problems. Damp, cracked, or water-damaged walls can cause the paint to degrade over time, compromising the appearance and quality of your walls. Before the primer even hits the wall, it is thoroughly damp-checked. Our professional house painting team will come to your house and examine for any damage to the walls. Previous damp concerns might lead the paint to get soggy and cause future problems. Over time, untreated damps can cause irreparable damage to the walls.

Shine your walls with our professionals

Our expert team goes for site assessment which includes cracks, salt water damage, uneven surfaces, and other items in addition to the damp check. When our professionals visit your home, they examine for cracks in the walls. There could be underlying cracks that would eventually impair the sheen of the paint. Proper crack treatment is done in case any cracks are found. Later our color experts will guide you and help you pick the right colors for your house. We do keep in mind your preferences, and design aesthetics while painting.

Helping you to get better walls

Alberta Painting is beside our clientele with a detailed understanding of your vision, color, patterns, and texture preferences, as well as a review of gathered sources of inspiration. Our house painters are skilled at all kinds of painting and we work within all budget constraints. Our team’s dedication and enthusiasm for painting result in wonderfully livable houses that are timeless and represent each client’s individuality and unique taste.