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Floor Installation Edmonton

Contact us to schedule a quick meeting for floor installation in Edmonton. We first evaluate your space and, after that, provide a quick estimate of the overall project.

Floor installation is a sophisticated way to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home; that’s why we never compromise on our service. Our team is fully capable of providing top-notch service while keeping your budget estimation in mind. We are here to serve you with value-oriented service, whether you hire us for a quick repair or a new floor installation.

Upgrade your home flooring system while hiring us:

Regardless of your perfect lifestyle, it’s better to hire our professional floor installation in Edmonton service that boosts your home's décor value. If you want to experience more enjoyment, then hire Alberta Painting and Renovation Ltd.'s quick service. Our team is fully capable of installing all types of flooring systems. Want to get a free estimation? Contact us today.






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When you are considering a DIY flooring project, reconsider. You may feel that DIY flooring will save money, rather incorrect installation can actually cost you more in the long run. Albert Painting has an ample inventory of flooring options, colors, and designs. Our team of professional flooring contractors  Edmonton is licensed and insured in each of its respective locations. We can install hardwood, vinyl, tile, and laminate floors. The pricing of floor installation varies on the types of floor you choose. Hence, for beautiful floors, it’s best to rely on the expertise of our professional floor installers.

Trustworthy services

Albert Painting is a certified Edmonton-based company providing a trustworthy service to our clients. We have numerous types of flooring materials that will fit perfectly in your commercial or residential property. Our team can assist you in obtaining more information about the pros and cons of flooring materials and also choosing the best flooring option that will match your decor. We are happy to advise you on various aspects of this sector such as longevity, cost, availability, and quantity of the flooring material. We can prepare you in such a way that you can choose the appropriate flooring material which can optimize your needs.

A new flooring, a new life

When you contact us and obtain the outstanding services from our professional flooring contractors Edmonton then it’s sure to gain tranquility. Our authorized flooring installer uses the best approach to satisfy your needs. Our company uses high-tech tools which catalyze the installation process and enhances the quality of the services. People often have a plan on how to install new flooring materials and the key elements of those plans are the duration of completion and budget. Our reputed team comes up with an organized schedule that matches your wants. Furthermore, we provide flexible services, especially while dealing with commercial property.


You can save your time and enjoy the convenience with our expert floor installation team. We can please you with our efficient service and lead you to enjoy your new floors. Floor installation can be a lengthy and stressful process especially when you are trying to cope up it with a full-time job and family. Whereas, our experienced flooring contractors can reduce your stress and enhance peace of mind with excellent workmanship. Hence, trust our professionals to install the floor for you and achieve the best outcome. Alberta Painting’s floor installation is Edmonton’s tile, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl experts. To make your next flooring a flawless project call us today and discover the wide range of satisfaction.